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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Butt...

What a day... It started out with me mentally writing my butt an apology letter.  It went something like this. 

"Dear Butt,
You've always been there for me, always given me a safe place land.  There has been the occasional Hem-nightmare but I don't blame you for that..  I consider that a toll that I had to pay to ride on the Motherhood Super Highway.  So saying all that, I need to give you some difficult news that is going to be hard for you to hear.  I am sorry to do this to you , however we are going to another cycle class.  I know you have just recovered from the last class.  I am sure this time will not be so bad.  The instructor said that after 3 classes butts hardly complained about the seats anymore.  (I don't believe her - but I don't want Butt to know that!)  So hang in there Butt it will be over soon!"

I survived cycle class #2 - that which does not kill you makes you stronger...The instructor said several times during the class.  "This is good pain!"  Talk about an oxymoron - As she said it I was thinking, "Really is there good pain - I think NOT!!"  The best thing about sweating and working out is that it makes water easy to drink.  I went through 2 bottles in that class.

The rest of my day involved 2 hours in my dentist chair getting a temp crown on a cracked tooth - AN IMPROVEMENT OVER THE CYCLE CLASS. - At leave the dentist gave me laughing gas!!!

I'm kinda in a mood - Tomorrow I am facing a water aerobic class - combining 3 things I am not crazy about, being in my bathing suit, being cold and being wet!   Oh YEA!!  BRING IT!!!
Thanks for the support!


  1. Good luck! If you're a friend of Dr. F., that's good enough for me.

  2. You are cracking me up! You're really funny and I'm enjoying your blog a lot. Go for it in that water aerobic class. And I think with this heat that a class in the water is the way to go. "good pain" Ha ha, sounds like my trainer.

  3. Not sure about the exact number, but I do agree that eventually your butt will forgive you:) And stop hurting. I haven't been on my bike in weeks and I know the next time I get back on I'll be hearing from my tender regions again. Sigh.