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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Positive, A Negative - Still not a ZERO

Ok...Yesterday I was on an exercise High... Today I was at a low...both have inspired me.  I am glad for both!  Again I could not have done either without my Exercise Buddy!  She has gotten there early the last 2 days and set me up--I am known for being a day late and a dollar short!  In the past I get there late look in at the intimidating class and leave...now I know she is waiting on me so in I go!  Thanks Buddy!!!!

Yesterday I did a Hydro Class, Water Aerobics, Aqua Exercise - Whatever you call it!  What a kinder gentler world that was---There were older people than me (they were the nicest!!!!) and younger people than me (still nice).  There were fatter people than me and much thinner people than me--again all nice.  It was a good workout and soo fun.  All the people seemed to know each other and ask about who was not there and why - They visited after class - introduced themselves and High Fived me when we were done!!!! I so want to join their sweet loving world of AQUA LOVE...

Today - A 50/50 class.  I was the fattest person in there.  Always a bad sign!!!  It was run, run, run, jump, jump, jump, stop get weights do it with weights, put weights down, run, run, run, jump, jump, jump, stop get weights do it again, and again, and again.  At one point I let my tongue hang out in exhaustion and saw that it was BLUE!!!  Yea, that can't be good!   I was at the front of the class facing the dreaded mirror - and I saw how fat I am.  But I also saw me MOVING!  I saw the other people jumping higher, basically doing everything better.  For the first time I saw and felt like my fat was the enemy.  It was keeping my body from moving free!!!  For a good while now it has been my friend, my protection, my fall back plan.  It did not feel like a friend during that class - It felt like what it is - something slowing me down and wearing me out!

One of my wise friends, says we do what we do until we learn something different.  What she has explained to me before is that some of our negative behaviors were needed for what ever reason.  They worked for us..then we get a little stronger and we don't need them so we do something different.  I like that kind way of looking at it.  It stops me from beating myself up!

What a Journey...Thanks for walking with me!

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  1. Sometimes it is just how we look at things that helps. Like turning a negative into a learning experience. Thanks for the reminder of that!