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Age - 42; Married to Mark for 15 years; Mother to Jacob (13 yrs) and Sadie (10 yrs); Teacher of 18-21 first graders; My goal is to use this blog as a diary to help me stay focused and motiviated to lose 40 pounds! My starting weight is 172 - I am going to watch my calorie intake and increase my physical activity! Feel Free to Cheer Me On! Dates and Weights: 7-18-11 = 167.9, 7-26-11 = 168.6

Friday, July 29, 2011

Exhale on Excertion

Ok...Not been doing great on journaling food...having a food plan..
But I have gone to exercise classes M-F. So that is something and I have healthy food in the house  - so even though I am eating more than I should it is alot better food...So BETTER RIGHT?????
Scale still not making me do a happy dance but I can feel my body getting stronger and my clothes getting looser - not loser -

Exercising is still not easy for me and I can feel my extra weight which is depressing - I have stopped fantasizing about following the instructor to her car and force feeding her Little Debbie Honey Buns - hey that's progress. 

In the classes---I receive the advise to exhale on exertions---what do you do when it is ALL EXERTION?Well then it goes to a pant...Exhale -suck in air through like a fish surfacing water..and back to the exhale---I need a paper bag to not pass out!!!

And yet ... I am still in the fight...
Thanks for all the kind words.  They truly lift me up!

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  1. Hope you are still around?!?!? This is a hard journey to get fit and healthy, but you can do it. Lots of bloggers are here to encourage you including me!