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Age - 42; Married to Mark for 15 years; Mother to Jacob (13 yrs) and Sadie (10 yrs); Teacher of 18-21 first graders; My goal is to use this blog as a diary to help me stay focused and motiviated to lose 40 pounds! My starting weight is 172 - I am going to watch my calorie intake and increase my physical activity! Feel Free to Cheer Me On! Dates and Weights: 7-18-11 = 167.9, 7-26-11 = 168.6

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bloated but holding!

Ok...I weighed in last night after doing the treadmill and other stuff that I would put in the "I better be getting something out of this!" box.  I weighted 172.3.  Are you kidding me...I was pretty discouraged.  I mean really that is what I weighted before I started counting calories and working out.  The evil inner voice (I am going to call her my evil twin ) kicked in..."Why bother?-You've learned how to be fat, you are good at it - You can eat at buffets and not get full!  What are you doing trying to lose weight?- You are not so good at that.  What if you fail?  Why not stay fat and stick with something you know and you are good at!"  Really, I heard that.  I even felt this fear of failure pushing at me!  WOW! Well I made it through the night amazed that I had grown the Evil Twin in my own head---What a Bitch!  I was discouraged, but I did not feed it, or stuff it with FOOD. 

This morning I woke up and I had started!!!!  Duh!  I am moving the needle - because this is my big fat bloated time!---So take that  Bitch!!!  OK I can't let my kids read this!!!

Anyway - I made it another day and clocked another Fat Fusion class - Take that Evil Twin  (ET).  I gotta get rid of her!  Thanks for the support!


  1. Remember this is a lifetime change. I have that Evil Twin in my head too. She gets quieter as time goes on. Keep on doing what you're doing and you'll see results.

  2. Hi there! I found your blog through Doctor F. She's awesome. Happy Blog-Warming and good luck to you as you pursue your goals! You've got a great community here to support you. Best of luck to you!!