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Age - 42; Married to Mark for 15 years; Mother to Jacob (13 yrs) and Sadie (10 yrs); Teacher of 18-21 first graders; My goal is to use this blog as a diary to help me stay focused and motiviated to lose 40 pounds! My starting weight is 172 - I am going to watch my calorie intake and increase my physical activity! Feel Free to Cheer Me On! Dates and Weights: 7-18-11 = 167.9, 7-26-11 = 168.6

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lost 3 pounds

Weighted today.  The scale showed 3 pounds less of me than before.  I am proud of myself but predicting rough times a head.  Right now my life is as slow and sweet as it gets.  I am a teacher, so I am on summer break!  That is all about to change.  I feel like I need to get my meal plan ready and I really have never had one--So far I write as a go so it has worked.  Once school starts I literally don't even have time to pee!  So I am heading in to high stress low or no self care season.  I want that to be different--not sure what actions I need to make so that it is not just lip service.  A friend suggested meditation or repeating a mantra..."Come Holy Spirit", whatever will center me...Anybody use something like that?
Many Thanks - Got a High Five from the Doc today---made my day!


  1. You doing awesome. You will be fine once school starts as long as you realize that your health has to be priority, too. That means that you may have to say no to other things now and then. It's so HARD to stay on track with everything and work and manage a family, but it can be done. Heck, it MUST be done if we really want to be healthy, right? You can do this. Stop stressing about it and really think of some ways you can manage. Mantra or no...you can be successful.

    BTW...any time on the high five, girl!

  2. OK, I tried to comment and it ate it. So I'll just hi, I'm glad I found you here, and you can always make me laugh! Love you,