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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well Blog Me Away

I have no idea what I am doing in the blogging world...but here it goes.  I am finally ready to do something about my weight - besides gaining more.  This the beginning of my journey certainly not the first time down this road, but the first time in a while.  I have been thinking about thinking about losing weight for about 3 years... About 6 months ago I started thinking about it---and now I am ready!!!
So my first step was to actually use the fitness center I have been paying for- Genius Right!
Ok so this week I have done 4 different group exercise classes...I was blessed enough to begin this journey with a workout buddy.  Together we had the courage to walk into these classes.  There is safety in numbers.
Day 1  - Yoga - 1st try, unknown to me, I chose a Hot Yoga class called Vinyassa 2 - First Blooper... I thought Vinyassa was the instructor's name not so...this is an advanced class.  Second Blooper...they keep the room about 90 degrees - Hello, what kind of special hell is that!  I like to have air conditioning on me when I exercise!!!  I lasted about 10 minutes before I rolled my mat up and left to find AIR!  
Day 2 - I made another yoga class where I realized two things I can't clasp my hands behind my back and lift them up, and lifting my leg behind me and grabbing my ankle is a bad idea for me and the people standing around me.  All in all better than the hot yoga and some of the poses cracked me up - like happy baby, where you are laying on your back grab your toes and roll back and forth.   And cobra and plank - they were not nearly as fun--By the end of class I would have rather been hit with a plank rather than do another one.  Overall thoughts - I would do this class again.
Day 3 -  a spin class - now this was quite educational - First, several people came in with special shoes - that is always a sign you are in trouble!  The instructor gave us a lecture about don't bother if you are not going to push it in class.  I felt like I already had pushed it to get up the stairs to the cycle studio not to mention the walk in--I got a crumby parking place.  I knew she would not be impressed with my efforts.  She walked around and checked all our bike settings.  Let me just tell you I know a way to get spies to talk... put them on an exercise bike and let the seat do the rest.  To say the seat was uncomfortable was a huge understatement.  I remembered a family trip to Sea World where I was sitting on bleachers with my dad (who is very funny).  He made the comment that Sea World really got into the fish theme with the "piranha bleachers" we were sitting on.  I asked him why he called them piranha bleachers.  He replied they had to be piranhas because of the way they were eating at his ass.  Well - these bicycle seats were piranhas on steroids!  In addition, each bike had a knob that the instructor would point to and shout "turn to the right" (which would increase the resistance on the bike) - By the end of class I developed an eye tick each time she said it and learned that if you raise the handle bars up high enough you can actually lay on them! 
Day 4 - The next class I tried was called a conditioning/circuit class.  The first thing the instructor said was you should not be able to breath comfortably if you are doing the activities correctly - really these people need to work on their marketing skills.  This class had me in fear of running to Walgreens at midnight for Prep H.  Lots of bouncing and jumping  - It put me and my work-out buddy in a mood and when leaving my normally positive, kind work-out buddy said, I think she bought those boobs - I agreed and said I doubted her athletic bra was the same brand as mine - which by the way is called the "Shock Absorber"...really talk about insult to injury.
Day 5 - I so would have skipped, but I knew my workout buddy would be there so I dragged myself there.  My muscles were aching and my tail bone was hurting so bad I was thinking of paying my co-pay to get an x-ray.  This class was called fat fusion.  My workout buddy said she was more interested in getting rid of it vs having it fuse together...but we gave it a shot.  This was actually our favorite class of the week.  We got to use lots of toys and she did not try and kill us.

Day 6 - Saturday and I did nothing!!!  My tailbone has recovered, although I have achy arms and hamstrings.  My darling children laugh at me every time I have to bend down and wince.  Aren't they cute!

Day 7 - Duh! Even the Bible says to rest...Who am I to argue!


  1. Welcome! Glad you're here! What a great week you had. Keep going ....

  2. Dr sent us.. Here I am... Good luck

  3. Came by from Ann's blog. Welcome to the amazing world of blogging. There is an amazing community of support and wisdom and friendship out here. I have those special shoes:) I actually did classes for a while without but got them because they were better for my feet issues. Can't imagine riding without now. My first cycling class I was so overwhelmed and worn out that I didn't go back for over a year! I wear padded shorts AND bring my own padded bike seat.

  4. Welcome to the weight loss/fitness blogging community. I found you through Dr. Fat to Fit. You had quite a week! The beginning of my journey was much more gentle, I didn't even start to exercise until I was 10 months into it. I started replacing my bad eating habits with good ones in Oct. 2009. I added in walking in August 2010. Now I use a recumbent exercise bike everyday and do a heavy bag workout occasionally. I'm starting to get into a little strength training. Anyway, I started at 272 lbs. and I'm now down to 175 lbs. I'd still like to lose another 50 lbs, I'm only 5' 2".

    I believe that everyone has to find what works for them and discovering that is part of the journey. This week was part of your discovery process. I'm sure that you figured out some things you'd like to pursue and some that you might graduate into or never try again. I wish you the best and I'll be around to see how you are doing and cheer you on. My last post was about all the benefits of getting involved in this community and how it has helped me. I hope that you have a great experience too!